Consumer Complaint Procedures

Consumers who are not satisfied with services rendered to them by their service providers have the right to lodge a complaint to the Commission
Complainants are advised to first seek redress with the service providers whose services or products you are not satisfied with.
If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved by the service provider you can lodge your complaint to the Consumer Industry and Corporate Affairs department of NATCOM. Complaints can be lodged by the following means:

  1. A Consumer complaint form can be completed and sent to the Consumer Industry and Corporate Affairs Department of NATCOM. This form can be obtained from our website
  2. Writing a letter to the Commission. The letter can be handwritten or typed.
  3. Calling the NATCOM complaint and enquiry help line: +23278195748.
  4. You can walk to the Commission in person to lodge a complaint
  5. You can file complaint through the website

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