Daniel Bobson Kaitibi


 A highly positive and proactive professional very experienced in computing and Information Technology. He has demonstrable success in analytical, interpersonal, organisational, networking, partnership, facilitation and prioritisation skills. He is an experienced trainer, proficient communicator and team player capable of maintaining relationship at all levels.

 Daniel Kaitibi was Director of Studies- School of Technology and Head of Business Information Technology Programme Njala University, a position since 2014. He lectured under and postgraduates in Computer Science Distributed systems, Concurrent systems, Website Development, Telecom management, Computer and Network Security, Network Administration and Management, Database Management Systems, Information Technology in Business, Multimedia Technologies, Systems Analysis, Management Information Systems; Project Management, Contract and Procurement Management, Project Risk Management; procurement planning, solicitation management, community mobilization and facilitation; performance management, reporting, and capacity building trainings for field staff. He also served as Head of the Business Information Technology Programme in the Department of Physics and Computer Science responsible for the development of the online applications and registration systems.

His previous responsibilities include but not limited to the following: IT Project Manager Tiwai Memory Masters 2008- 2010; IT Technician – Remedy (Flextronics) and Crosscom Memphis TN, USA 2004 – 2007; He did his internship with FedEx Data Center –FedEx Services, Memphis, and University of North Florida, USA Daniel has extensive working knowledge of SQL; OSS Systems; Visual Studio; Nexus; MS; NET; Visio; Microsoft Server and other current soft and hardware packages.


Daniel has consulted widely for a wide range of local and international organisations including UNDP, DFID, National Council for Technical, Vocational and other Academic Awards (NCTVA) and serving as Information Technology-Technical Expert for the ASSL/BDO-PKF project since April 2014.

 Academic Qualification

Mr Daniel Kaitibi is a PhD candidate in Health Information Systems a partnership course between Njala University and the University of Illinois, United States. He holds a Masters in Information Systems and Management (MISM, 2007) from the Keller Graduate School, Naperville, Illinois. He obtained his Bachelor in Business Administration and Economics (Double Major 2005) from the University of Memphis, Tennessee in the United States


Daniel Kaitibi has published widely and extensively in various academic and development outlets including but not limited to:

 • Wastewater Effluents at Sierra Leone Bottling Company Limited: Composition, Assessment and Removal Efficiency of Physico-chemical Parameters.(Published)

• Comprehensive Assessment of Groundwater Quality around a Major Mining Company in Southern Sierra Leone.(published)

• Effect of Traffic-Related Air Pollution on Acute Respiratory Infections Among Street Sellers in Freetown and Bo.(conference)

 • Emission of Combustible Gases at Traffic and Practising Waste Dumpsite in Freetown, Sierra Leone: A Pilot Study.(Published)

• Release of Noxious Gases during Burning of Mosquito Coils: A Pilot Study. (Published)

 His most recent publications have been reviewed and accepted by leading academic journals.

Membership, Association and Affiliations:

Daniel Kaitibi is member of Students in Free Enterprise & African Students Association of University of Memphis and Apple Certification Alliance; University Computing and Information Systems Njala University Daniel Kaitibi’s marriage is blessed with two sons.

He brings a wealth of experience in Information Technology and Management to Natcom.

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