Pursuant to SECTION 82 of the Telecommunications act of 2006 as amended, the National Telecommunications Commission is mandated by statutory instrument to make regulations for the effective implementation of this act.

The regulations are to help improve on the transparency, certainty and fairness in regulating operators and the delivery of services to the public.

In view of the foregoing, NATCOM has developed six (6) additional secondary legislations in 2019 and NATCOM will lay these regulations in the House of Parliament during the month of  December (2019) as required by Law.

Prior to this, the Commission is keen to hear your thoughts, comments, suggestions or recommendations on these proposed regulations, and we are providing this channel for that purpose. The draft regulations being put forward for public comments are:

  1. Final Draft Electronic Communication Equipment Type Approval 
  2. Final Draft_Spectrum_Regulations_2019
  3. Final Draft_QoS_Regulations_2019
  4. Final-draft_Licensing_Regulations_2019.
  5. Final Draft Subscriber Identification Registration Regulations_2019

You can send your comments to regulations@natcom.gov.sl on or before 30th November 2019.

The Commission solicits the cooperation of the stakeholders on this matter