No Tittle Code Start Date End Date
1 Introduction to National Telecommunications Act REG-1 28-11-19 10-12-19
2 Improving Excel Skills MGT-1 03-12-19 12-12-19
3 Introduction to NATCOM Regulations REG-2 TBD TBD
4 Radio Frequency Spectrum Management REG-3 TBD TBD
5 Digital Data Collection and Analysis MGT-2 TBD TBD
6 Telecommunications Quality of Services Reg-4 TBD TBD
7 Corporate Risk Management MGT-3 TBD TBD
8 Principles of Consumer Protection IND-1 TBD TBD
9 Economic Regulation and Competition IND-2 TBD TBD
10 Corporate Leadership ADMIN-1 TBD TBD
11 Introduction to Performance Management, Goals/Target Setting & Appraisal ADMIN-2 TBD TBD
12 Corporate Ethics and Etiquette AdMIN-3 TBD TBD